We have a global tracking platform, which is connected to an universal chip and state-of- the-art devices that permits us not only to be precise, but also to operate in any region that has a cellular signal. Our reaction app allows the user to visualize what they want to locate at any time, as well as to rely on our team in case of an emergency.

What is the universal chip?

It is a chip that works with all major mobile companies worldwide and does not charge for any type of roaming.
This allows us to be calm if the person or the asset crosses any border and avoids all those procedures that we would have to do with other companies in order to achieve it.
Its main advantage is that it always looks for the best signal and does not focus on only one provider, improving not only the location, but also ensuring the best possible signal.

Global platform

We count with a platform specialized in the location of assets and people.
Our application offers the ability to process data to generate reports suitable for the analysis of the person’s behavior or asset that can be useful for decision making.
It allows you to create circular or polygonal geo-fences so you can maintain efficient location control with advanced tools.
Our tools for routes assure the users that drivers are on their way and meet their times.
Additional services contracted at the time of opening by each of the consumers.

State-of- the-art devices

App of reaction
Self-monitoring application. iTrack green allows you to always search for the asset or person from your cell phone and it counts with alarms so you can react as quickly as possible.
With everything iTrack green offers, iTrack blue also allows you to support yourself with the monitoring center, which will be available 24/7 and will be able to provide reports if you need it.
iTrackblack is an application made-to- measure. At the moment of hiring, you establish a protocol to be able to locate and support you in the most effective way possible according to each situation.

Vanguard Dispositives

iTrack Green

Personal security protocol. In case the alpha calls to request support, the monitor will act in accordance with the protocol that is adjusted to the local authorities.

iTrack Blue

Security protocol that relies on local authorities in case of obtaining any alarm through the system or direct communication from the user.

iTrack Black

Tailor-made security protocol that can be supported by local authorities or private security bodies that the user indicates.